Brian Stonebridge Trial 2024 – Results and Report

Here are the results Brian Stonebridge Trial 2024 – Results

We had 118 riders tackle a very wet and muddy Stonebridge course.

Expert Class

This provided a very close competition with the top three separated by only 2 marks,

1st Sam Rolls was the winner on 38 marks and receives the Brian Stonebridge Trophy for Best Adult Expert and the Claude Scott Trophy for the Best Cambridge Matchless Club Expert

2nd Daniel Greeves with 39 marks

3rd Bryon Jenness with 40 marks


Youth A (Expert)

We had only one Youth A rider that rode the Expert route, he had an excellent ride and also finished on 38 marks

1st George Clark with 38 marks


Expert B

1st Chris Koch with 7 marks

2nd Thomas Norman with 24 marks

3rd Neil Varney with 27 marks



1st John Lowen with 19 marks

2nd Aaron Wakefield with 25 marks and also receives the Lolworth Cup for Best Cambridge Matchless Club Intermediate

3rd Martin (Bruce) Alderman with 35 marks


Youth A (Intermediate)

1st Joseph Lowen with 66 marks



1st Darren Phypers with 7 marks

2nd Kevin Miller with 10 marks

3rd Stephen Howard with 14 marks



Another very close competition with only 1 mark between them and the 2nd and 3rd places went down to the most cleans

1st Mark Banham with 9 marks

2nd Clive Dopson with 10 marks

3rd Chris Collins with 10 marks



1st Liam Waby with 17 marks

2nd Russ Olivant with 18 marks

3rd Ian Pape with 24 marks

6th Jason Sturgeon with 37 marks receives the Birds Nest Trophy for the best placed Novice for the Cambridge Matchless Club


Youth C (Novice)

1st Mason Tidd with another excellent ride with 10 marks

We’d like to congratulate all the winners of the classes.

A huge thankyou to everyone that helped in anyway to put on this fantastic event, especially the land owners, working party, Nick (clerk of the course), Colin and Margaret for collating the results, all of the competitors, and most of all, the observers who stand out in the cold allowing us to play in the mud.