Ken Wood Trial Results

 Ken Wood Trial took us to a new venue for Cambridge Matchless at Honeydon. Although conditions were dry the rain from a couple of weeks ago meant that the ditch had some water in leading to some nice slippery climbs and cambers.


Winner of the Expert class was Gus Oblein on 4 marks

Winner of the Expert B class was Nick Wilford on 12 marks

Winner of the Intermediate class was Christopher Jones on 25 marks

Winner of the Clubman class was Martin (Bruce) Alderman on 9 marks

Winner of the Twinshock class was Andy Aldhouse on 31 marks

Winner of the Novice class was Graham Bishop on 53 marks

Winner of the Sportsman Class was Bryan Dix on 17 marks

Winner of the Youth C class riding the Sportsman route was Tommy Goodwin on 36 marks


We’d like to say thanks to everyone on the working party yesterday and those that supported us today and very special thank you to the observers and the land owner.


Our next event is the Chris Wood Trial at Hinxton cutting on the 5th November. There is only the middle and hard routes at this event.


Ken Wood Trial 2023 – Results