Cuckoo Trial 3/04/2022 – Results

Results from yesterdays trial Cuckoo Trial 2rd April 2020 – Results. and a note from Simon (CoC)


I hope you all enjoyed the trial yesterday.  The weather was certainly on our side, although was a tad cold in the shade, good job it wasn’t today!

I would like to thank Mr & Mrs Witherow for the use of their land, we have been running trials at this venue for over 60 years so are truly grateful.

I would also like to thank our excellent band of observers as without them we wouldn’t have an event:

Sections:-   1. Colin Nunn, 2. Margaret Nunn, 3. Helen Clarke (what a birthday treat, I hope he cooked you a nice meal). 4. Sally McCall, 5 Shaun Proctor, 6. Vince Jones, 7. Cliff Freed, 8. Andy Booker, 9. Mark Nunn, 10. Dave Hewitt.

Also thanks goes to those that came and helped set out the sections on Saturday, a great band of guys.