Important Rider Information for Summer Series #2 – 11th June

Can all riders please read the important Rider Briefing before you leave home on Friday: Summer Series #2 – Riders Briefing

Your riding number is here: Summer Series #2 – Riding Numbers:

Riders will need to bring their own riding number (see important Rider Briefing above). This file contains numbers 1 – 100 one per page so just open the file and go to the page with your number on. Select print and in the print window select current page only (otherwise you may end up printing all 100 numbers !!)  Trials Riding Numbers 1 – 100 to Print Yourself 

Summer Series Trial 2021 #2

All systems go for the 2nd Summer Trial on Friday 11th June 6.00 pm at Balsham Quarry.

Online entries only ACU Online Entries which will open on 1st June 7.00 pm.  Entries limited to 50.  Dale is in the hot seat again (C of C) assisted by Nick.

It would appear that under the new ACU COVID guidance you do not need to ride in groups provided we have observers on all sections.

All other restrictions remain i.e. bring your own number – no signing on  – social distancing at all times etc.  Riders will be advised of their riding number and any further information prior to the event.


Please contact Maragret if you can observe – 8 needed thanks.