Re Chris Wood Trial 1st November 2020

Just to confirm that the Chris  Wood Trial will be run this year. Make a note in your diary

We are currently applying for the permit and entries will be available on-line once issued. To make it available for as many members as possible we will be running an easy route as well this year.

Cuckoo Trial Results 13/09/2020

Sundays Cuckoo Trial results are available here: Cuckcoo Trial Results 13 09 2020

We had some very good feedback from Sunday and it looks like everybody enjoyed themselves. The format worked great, everything flowed nicely, and the groups proved very sociable. A big thanks to all the hours the team put in to get this up and running and to the land owner Mr Witherow for the kind use of his land.

Cuckoo Trial 13th September 2020

Can all riders please read the important rider briefing before Sunday: Important Rider Briefing – Cuckoo Trial 13 09 2020

 Your riding Number and Goup list are attached: Rider List & Groupings – Cuckcoo Trial 13 09 2020

Riders will need to bring their own riding number (see Important Rider Briefing above). This file contains numbers 1 – 100 one per page so just open the file and go to the page with your number on. Select print and in the print window select current page only (otherwise you may end up printing all 100 numbers !!)  Trials Riding Numbers 1 – 100 to Print Yourself 

Can anybody not riding please report to the secretary and give them your name and contact details to ensure we are complying with Track and Trace requirements.